Medneed Workshop


Resources for Affordable Stroke Care


Medneed is focused on helping more people to be stroke aware and helping more healthcare systems to be stroke ready. Helping more people to be stroke aware involves ensuring that more people know how to reduce the chances having a stroke, how to recognize signs of a stroke, how to get urgent medical care in the event of a stroke, and how to get quality medical care to accelerate recovery after a stroke. Helping more healthcare systems to be stroke ready involves ensuring that more medical facilities and professionals have the tools and support they need to better manage and treat both acute and chronic stroke cases to accelerate recovery.

Medneed Workshop is aimed at helping medical care providers have better resources and strategies for improved performance in stroke care. This means medical care providers can more readily have needed resources including knowledge, funds, skills, medicines, equipment and other supplies they need.


We strongly believe that the human society should do more to fix stroke. Most people do not feel they need to do more to solve stroke until they or their loved ones has it and then they struggle with the recovery.

With more progress in aggregating and mobilizing resources, we believe that Medneed Workshop will be a readily available support system to make it easier than ever before for medical care providers to continually achieve better outcomes not only in stroke care but overall medical practice and research in Africa and beyond.