Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

  1. Who should attend Medneed Workshop?
    Medneed Workshop is for everyone who has interest in helping improve stroke care. Most sessions however are focused on medical care providers and other stakeholders who work in medical practice and research.

  2. How much does is cost?
    Basic participation is free due to the generosity of partners and sponsors. Interested participants can however, pay for Premium Registration to get additional benefits including attendance certificate, and CME points for providers. Intending Premium Participants can also use Medneed Credit for registration now and pay later.

  3. How often can I attend Medneed Workshop?
    We have Medneed Workshop every week to explore helpful resources and advances for improved stroke care. Videos of past sessions are also available on our social channels for viewing at you convenience.

  4. Can I present and share ideas for the Medneed Workshop?
    We welcome presentations and ideas that are relevant for the Medneed Workshop theme. Participants can also have the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas during the sessions.

  5. Can I partner or sponsor Medneed Workshop?
    Interested organizations and individuals can contact us for partnership and sponsorship.

For further enquiries, contact [email protected] or submit your question via the contact page.